Developer Units

Debug Units are only distributed to companies registered with the PlayStation®Partners program. PlayStation has a developer marketplace available called DevNet where these companies can buy debug units to develop and test their games with.

To purchase a debug unit legally, you must have previously signed a NDA with Sony. To sign this contract, you must have a company and apply on the DevNet website. Once signed, you will have access to the DevNet site, and all the resources and debug tool marketplaces that come with it.

In rare cases, when a company goes bankrupt, it may happen that these developer units are being sold online.

DevKit: DUH-D7000AA

Just like the Development Kit, the DUH-D7000 is a similar kit used to develop applications on a PlayStation 4 Pro.

DevKit: DUH-D1000xA

The DUH-D1x00xA is used to develop new PlayStation 4 applications. Just like the Testing Kit, the Development Kit includes similar Debug Settings to debug the application.

The supposed DevNet price is €900.

TestKit: DUH-T7000AA

TestKit: DUH-T2000AA

TestKit: DUH-T1x00xA

The DUH-1x00xA is used to test an application in its final stages. Before release, developers will use the Testing Kit's Debug Settings to replicate situations end-users can encounter to see how the application reacts to such scenarios.

The DUH-T1x00xA kernel is the closest to the retail kernel. There's small lettering on the back of the console casing "TEST" to distinguish it from a retail console.

The supposed DevNet price is €900.

Other Models

Other models that are known and confirmed to exist: DUH-T2000AA (Testkit), DUH-T7000AA (Pro Testkit), DUT-DB-AA-IM-11 (Devkit), DUT-DB-AA-SS-11 (Devkit), DUT-TVAH-AA-IM-12 (Testkit), DUT-TVAH-AA-SS-11 (Testkit).

If you happen to have more information about certain PS4 developer consoles, please get in touch with us.