Network clock errors

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Yellow... I was lookin for a fix for that ce-30391-6 errorcode, and was thinking that can u do a backup on 7.0x version, then download the latest version 8.5x (i was reading that then the kernel clock should get a connection to the server) nd if the clock just gets fixed and saved on that same chip the jb (edit: firmware) is and do a restore back to that 7.0x and it should work again? I mean aint that network clock nd firmwares use the inner memory of the console so, worth trying what cha think??

I aint so technological marvel myself, so in can be wiser to aks someone whome really knows these stuffs

I got the console working on that GoldenHen for temporarily.... yet, still big thanks to folks who really put their time nd effort to tune these playstations. in times like these it can get quite boring, you notice it about two hours after ur console brokes upp