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I'm looking for PlayStation 5 owners that are willing to help add their PlayStation 5 game patches. This is a very easy process.

Okay, but why?

Any patch that is not archived will be lost in eternity. That's how the PS4 and PS5 patch endpoints work. As soon as a new patch is available, the old patch will be pushed out of the way to be never seen again.

Great, but what's my role in this?

PlayStation 5 owners probably have some PS5 exclusive games installed, or will be buying a game in the future. Right now, it's not possible to automate the process of automatically importing new games and patches. So we've got to do this together. Manually. As a community. :-)

How can I help?

I've made a page which should automate and process most of the data. All you need to provide is 2 values:

  • Content ID of the PS5 title;
  • Patch Hash.

You can get these values from your account. For this, you don't need anything but a webbrowser. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to this page and log in:
  2. After you are logged in, visit this URL: click here
  3. Using F3 key, search for "version.xml"
  4. Collect every link ending in "version.xml" and put them in a text editor

To find the Content ID, open the links. There should be a Content ID at the very top of the endpoint.

The Patch Hash is the part before the "-version.xml". It looks something similar as this: d8ec167a-59da-4e54-8e2c-1161c706516a.

Got it, now what?

I've made a page where you can submit this data, right here:

After you've submitted the data, it should tell you if it was added. Most of the titles that are currently available on PS5 are already added, but for future games, please consider adding them as they might become very useful in the future!

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this method not working anymore. any idea how to obtain links? because new ps5 stuff is still updated so i presumed there is a way