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Modern games as a whole seem to lack the difficulty that older games had, whilst there are some exceptions that are "made" to be tough, the vast majority of games seem to be far too easy. Even on their hardest difficulty options. Why is this? Are people just not wanting the challenge anymore or what?

Days Gone, impeccable game.. many updates later it added more difficulty options, but even on the hardest one... nothing.., just feels like the last difficulty only zombies do a little more damage.

Does any one else feel a similar way? Because frankly i am tired of it, give me difficulty damnit!!

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on 26-01-2021
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I do agree with this. Old games were, for the most part, solid.

I think this has changed because people do not have the attention span they had in the 90s/early 00s. It's a shame. I think developers would do well to add a difficulty mode that would cater for those looking for a challenge of times gone by.

on 29-05-2021
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Old Games Are pretty Easy Like Nioh 1 The NG++++ IS Easy And I Was Expecting It's hard But When I Switched To Nioh 2 The NG Seems Hard Than The First Game And the first one was made in 2017 new one on may 2020