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Hello and welcome to the new SCE Party website! The website has been redesigned with efficiency and modernization in mind.

The SCE Party Forums

We've added a custom forum to the site, and we hope to bring information all in one place with this feature. Feel free to interact!

PlayStation 5 support

As you may have noticed, we've added the PS5 menu option. The site has been updated to add PlayStation 5 support for future jailbreaking. Although the console isn't released yet, it is always good to make preparations.

Suggestions: We ask you all to provide feedback to the forum. If you would like to see something being added, like a section, or feel like something is not right, please let me know in a reply to this thread. Thanks in advance.

Hope to see you all on the forum!


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on 07-11-2020
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You love to see it.

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on 07-11-2020
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No love for the vita here... sad vita noises

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on 07-11-2020
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No love for the vita here... sad vita noises

Vita is old news!

on 07-11-2020
Member since 09-07-2020
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That's cool and all but what about egg

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on 07-11-2020
Member since 06-10-2017
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I love the design its so clean man , great job!

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on 08-11-2020
Member since 06-10-2017
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thanks for creating this forum. i love this.

haytada 0x199 hx7 Aymen558 appreciates this post

on 14-11-2020
Member since 08-08-2020
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this is dope, thanks for your work 199!

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on 16-11-2020
Member since 11-05-2020
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yes it's very nice

on 23-01-2021
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Nice page, go forward!

on 16-03-2021
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egg role where