Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Does a system model matter for a jailbreak?
    No, a system model does not matter. You can jailbreak any model, as long as there's a public WebKit + kernel exploit on the specific firmware.

    Asked by 0x199 on 09-02-2019 16:14

  • Where can I find my firmware version?
    You can find your firmware version by going to Settings > System > System Information.

    Asked by 0x199 on 09-02-2019 16:07

  • How can I jailbreak my PS4?
    You can only jailbreak your PS4 if you are on a certain firmware. Exploited firmwares are listed on the homepage.

    Asked by 0x199 on 23-09-2018 18:49

  • Why don't they release new exploits?
    There are exploits around which have yet to be found by Sony. This is called a 0day. When they release the exploit, Sony will find the bug and patch it in the next update. By not releasing the exploit, the hackers extend the lifespan of it.

    Asked by 0x199 on 23-09-2018 18:46

  • Can I downgrade my PS4?
    At this moment of time it is not possible to downgrade a retail PS4. Only debug units such as Testkits and Devkits can downgrade their firmware.

    Asked by 0x199 on 23-09-2018 18:46

  • When will a new jailbreak release?
    It is unlikely for an exploit to release for anything above firmware 5.05. If you're interested in jailbreaking your PS4, it is recommended to buy a PS4 on firmware 5.05 or below.

    Asked by 0x199 on 23-09-2018 18:45

  • What is OMSK?
    OMSK is an application on the PS4 which is used to showcase game demo's in retail game stores. The app will lock access to the PS4 and can only be unlocked by using a special staff combo.

    Asked by Kenan1099 on 16-12-2018 18:26