Tutorial: Setting up PS4 4.05 local host on Mac

Kudge9 months ago

Setting up PS4 4.05 local host on Mac


  1. PS4 4.05
  2. Mac OS
  3. Ampps.dmg from https://www.ampps.com
  4. PS4-4.05-Kernel-Exploit-master file from https://github.com/Cryptogenic/PS4-4.05-Kernel-Exploit


  1. Install AMPPS and open the program. You will see Apache on and running as well as my SQL. Just above all that you will see a home option click that to start setting things up.
  2. Once in home, on the right hand side you will see add domain select that and in the domain bar type PS4 then hit add domain.
  3. Now head to finder on your Mac and select applications>AMPPS>WWW>PS4
  4. Once in this folder right click finder and open another finder window.
  5. Find your folder with the PS4-4.05-Kernel-Exploit-master you downloaded, open it and copy all of its contents into your PS4 folder from AMPPS.
  6. Head over to your PS4 and in the browser type in HTTP://YOURMACSIPADDRESS/PS4

Now you should have your exploit running locally from your Mac.


Thanks to CMTFrosty for the heads up on this!