Tutorial: How To Install Linux on 1.76 PS4

Kudge10 months ago

Linux Installation on 1.76 PS4


  1. PS4 on 1.76
  2. A computer
  3. 1 USB stick larger than 8g & 1 large enough for the Initramfs.cpio.gz also bzimage files
  4. USB keyboard (I use a USB Bluetooth keyboard and mouse)
  5. Initramfs.cpio.gz also bzimage files
  6. Ubuntu 14.04 or 14.10


  1. Download the two files from http://kr105.com/ps4kerneltest/
  2. Download Ubuntu 14.04 or 14.10 from http://releases.ubuntu.com
  3. Format your USB drives to FAT32
  4. Follow this video to install Ubuntu on the Usb larger than 8gb: https://youtu.be/SnB4NrJrw3Q
  5. Copy over the Initramfs.cpio.gz also bzimage files to the root of your other Usb stick and put it on the right hand port to the PS4
  6. Turn on your PS4 and connect your keyboard
  7. Head on over to http://sce.party/ps4/playground/ and select Launch Linux
  8. Once you see the penguins on the screen take out the Usb with the Initramfs.cpio.gz also bzimage files and stick in the Ubuntu created Disc.
  9. Now after all of the files load you will see your home screen

After launching Linux...

When you see Rescueshell/ #

Type: fdisk-l

Find the boot partition /dev/sd…. (it will say Linux on the right side), then type: /dev/sd(your partition location) without parenthesis

Then type: mount/dev/sd.. newroot/

Then type: Resume-boot

As of right now there is no sound over HDMI.

Credits to Masterzorag for your help.