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Developer SpecterDev releases his kernel exploit implementation for firmware 4.05 to the public, and releases his writeup of the exploit with it. Original exploit found by developer qwertyuiop.

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RELEASE: The full stack exploit for firmware 5.05 has now been released! Click here to go to the exploit page.

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  • Firmware Version:5.55
  • Full Firmware Version:05.550.000
  • SDK Version:05.550.001

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Do you think Sony will tolerate the piracy?

No, they will probably just ignore it like previous exploits67 vote(s)

67 vote(s)

There will be a point they will be taking action, but not at this moment36 vote(s)

36 vote(s)

Yes, I think they're currently working on a plan36 vote(s)

36 vote(s)

Total Votes: 139

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PS4 Jailbreak Status

Firmware 1.76: Fully exploited in public

Firmware 3.55: Public WebKit exploit

Firmware 4.05 - 4.55: Fully exploited in public

Firmware 5.01 - 5.50: Public WebKit exploit

Firmware 5.05: Fully exploited in public

Firmware 5.50 - 5.55: Fully exploited in private

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Spider-Man on PS4 is like every superhero game before it

Matt Kamen: "The tale of the Emperor's New Clothes is a well-known fable. At its simplest, it tells of a young boy who is the only person to point out that the Emperor, consumed by hubris and surrounded by sycophants, is actually naked and not dressed in the finest robes. When it comes to Marvel's Spider-Man on PS4, I feel like that boy. In the face of what feels like mandatory excitement for the game, I've remained largely nonplussed, and even after playing the upcoming superhero adventure at E3 2018, I can't quite grasp what people are so excited over."

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