Latest Firmware
  • Firmware Version:7.51
  • Full Firmware Version:07.510.000
  • SDK Version:07.510.001

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How to run Linux on PS4

DarkElement07-12-2019 18:01

Monthly PS4 Plus Games of August 2020

The monthly games of August are not yet published by PlayStation. Check back soon.

PS4 Jailbreak Status
Firmware 1.76: Fully exploited in public
Firmware 3.55: Public WebKit exploit
Firmware 4.05 - 4.74: Fully exploited in public
Firmware 5.01 - 5.50: Public WebKit exploit
Firmware 5.05: Fully exploited in public
Firmware 5.05 - 6.72: Fully Exploited in Public
Firmware 6.72 - 7.02: Kernel exploited in public
Trusted Developers

Our advice: do not believe anyone who claims to have a supposed jailbreak for PS4 if they're not on this list.