PS4 Jailbreak Status

Firmware 1.76: Fully exploited in public
Firmware 3.55: Public WebKit exploit
Firmware 4.05 - 4.74: Fully exploited in public
Firmware 5.01 - 5.50: Public WebKit exploit
Firmware 5.05: Fully exploited in public
Firmware 5.05 - 6.72: Fully Exploited in Public
Firmware 6.72 - 7.02: Fully exploited in public
Firmware 7.55: Fully exploited in public
Full Implementation for Firmware 7.50-7.55 Released by Sleirsgoevy

Developer Sleirsgoevy released a fully implemented exploit (WebKit and kernel exploit) for firmware 7.50 to 7.55.

Latest PS4 Firmware

  • Firmware Version:8.52
  • Full Firmware Version:08.520.000
  • SDK Version:08.520.001
  • System PUP: PS4UPDATE.PUP (459.33MB)
  • Recovery PUP: PS4UPDATE.PUP (1,012.48MB)

Last updated: 1 minute ago

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