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Developer wildcard released a payload called PS4HEN which enables homebrew (and piracy as a side effect). This payload was created using flatz's writeup.


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Latest Firmware

  • Firmware Version:5.05
  • Full Firmware Version:05.050.000
  • SDK Version:05.050.001

Last updated: 54 seconds ago


Predict the future: Will the PS4 jailbreak advance?

Yes, it will be PS3 all over again!!1!52 vote(s)

52 vote(s)

Yes, but it won't ever see PSN and it will only be offline.59 vote(s)

59 vote(s)

Hmm. It will probably advance just a bit, but not much.16 vote(s)

16 vote(s)

No, I think this is the end. :(4 vote(s)

4 vote(s)

Total Votes: 131

PS4 Jailbreak Status

Firmware 1.76: Fully exploited in public

Firmware 3.55: Public WebKit exploit

Firmware 4.05: Fully exploited in public

Firmware 4.07: Public WebKit exploit

Firmware 4.50 - 4.55: Fully exploited in private

Firmware 5.00 - 5.05: Fully exploited in private

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